Patapaa Is One Of Your Own

Patapaa Gh is one of you. Social media is only what gives you the audacity to detach yourself from yourself. I couldn’t laugh at him. Not because I’ll dress like him but that I truly understand how awkward things can be when you feel like the odd one engulfed around the illusive entertainment bourgeois class. About 5 years back, I was one of the few granted an invitation to an event organized by Okyeame Kwame. I was among the few 10 (roughly) who was no celebrity and shared a table with Edem, Raquel and Ekow Smith Asante. Every other table was occupied by celebs (Mzvee, Sammy B, Flowing Stone, Ameyaw Debrah, Richie, Kesse ET Al.) And quite shockingly, many out there assumed I was a celeb or to better put, an Elite figure just by the mere fact of hanging around with such folks. Dancers including the guy who featured in a condom Ad and Sarkodie’s “She Wants More” hit single came around to advertise themselves with the assumption that I was an upcoming artist. But I knew right there in my heart, that someway somehow, I never belonged there. It was so bad that out of frustration, I left The African Regent hotel before the event was even done. All I needed to do was to tell the rapdacter, I had to go. Before you troll, make sure it serves a purpose either than pretense. Dear Patapaa, I don’t need to empathize with you, for I already know how it feels. Many out there trolling know deep down in their hearts, that they would’ve wished the spotlight fell on them even if it meant shame. The gimmickry in recent times is too much to ignore. As time goes on, you’ll get more confident and that’ll be a story meant to uplift than debase. Before a tree shoots up as high as Afadjato, it needs to penetrate deep down into the abyss of hell. Know where you’re from, lest you’ll fly with no hope of landing down to the only place that genuinely cares for you. Shalom!

One thought on “Patapaa Is One Of Your Own

  1. Spot on piece, I only hope it opens people’s eyes to how hypocritical their darts thrown at Patapaa in way of words are.


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