Don’t Blame the Herb

Weed has potential. It can be harnessed for the good and bad. Meditation is not guaranteed to give you that feeling of awe, it can but not always the case. You can say they never prayed well or did it well, well, we can’t get all the stuff right by hinging to only a path. But at best, we do know weed has an effect once ingested. Not all will have to use the same path to arrive at the same results. And I’m cool with that so long as there’s no harm on another.

It’s choice. The issue is not with the effect but the person behind. After drinking for sometime, I realized one thing for sure, that the way people react to alcohol has some sort of spectrum but yes, you do get an altering of the senses in a way as you go and go. At times, the body builds resistance in a quasi evolutionary manner as you get in more and more. To some, it only takes a tot of whisky to bring the bull out of them or make them dull, and to others, it’s a straight 5.

Thus, at the end of the day, the ancient Egyptian aphorism: “know thyself” should be what we are to talk about. And there’s no way of knowing it if you never tried. You know whether or not it’s prudent to have an altering of consciousness only if you can evaluate what that altering of consciousness means. The experience gives the meaning, or to better put, our reaction to the experiences is what let’s us decide for ourselves whether this is worth probing and exploring the more.

We are chained within consciousness in itself, which makes it difficult to talk about consciousness without an experience of it. How conscious is that person on weed to begin with? What does he know about weed? Can people know it’s potential when all we do all the time is to paint it black or white often leaving the contrary out? Don’t we think addictions in themselves are not entitled to the content but the person behind the content? How come not all who ingest a particular drug (say a psychedelic) are addicted?

We have more addicts because they have no self control and often times, they don’t have it because they are often told a single story on it. And yes, when the average curious one gets into it and sees that which is contrary to what socializations have hitherto taught him, (for instance, that he’ll be mad, or a criminal) he goes in and in without necessary caution or control and boom! We’ve got an addict. 🌿 When he gets in and finds a terrible experience contrary to what the cherry picking elders have taught, he then loathes the drug as though the drug was similar to him. We’ve got one advocating for only a side of the drug’s potential.

Don’t blame the herb, it’s only an instrument of nature, blame the one harnessing it or to better put, don’t muddle the bow and arrow with the Archer, let alone his direction. Where there’s choice, there’s responsibility. Accept your faults, for the plant probably never knows it’s potential effects on your psyche.

Put the entire information out there, ugly and clean, that way you can hold one responsible for perversion. There’s juvenile detention instead of prison for kids for a reason, it’s because society has assumed kids aren’t matured enough to be fully aware of some ramifications connected to behavior, to know the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Well informed decisions are linked to maturity. And that’s barely possible when one has no information to begin with. You can’t make well informed decisions without the information.

When you tell them weed reduces nausea and pain caused by chemotherapy, prevents the replication of cancerous cells, treats glaucoma and reduces painful symptoms of multiple sclerosis, also add that marijuana has the potential to increase suicidal thoughts and shrink memory related areas of the brain among teenagers. When telling the public the herb controls and prevents epileptic seizures, the Crohn’s disease, also let them know the long use of cannabis can cause the Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome.

Tampeed improves mood and reduces anxiety, treats diaphragm muscle spasms and Dravet syndrome for sure, but can also put one in the position of finding trouble solving problems, thinking, remembering, raises heart rates which could be dangerous as it increases one’s risk of having a cardiac arrest. When smoked, marijuana can damage the lungs. Besides its not safe during pregnancy as it’s psychoactive trait can cause (brain) developmental problems and still births. Ganja increases violent tendencies among patients with PTSD but can make one aware of various layers of consciousness and heightens an awareness on how the senses interpret external phenomena.

Other disadvantages of smoking herb are as follows: can reduce sperm production in men and disrupt a woman’s menstrual cycle. High doses definitely causes temporal hallucinations. Nevertheless cannabis slows Alzheimer’s disease. These are only a few benefits and damages. Surprised? Don’t be yet. There’s still more and more as research never ends. Telling the single story can be counter-intuitive. And we can put a stop to that.

See Hashem Al-Ghaili for a pictorial view on the health benefits and risks of marijuana.

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