The WORLD Of Inquiry Is Great Enough For All And Sundry

People are beautiful till you get to know them. There’s always some form of ugly once you can see the whole picture not distorted for the public eye. And that’s not necessarily because of people’s motivated actions, although that can play a role. It’s a matter of the human condition. We all need a struggle to make meaning “valuable.” The yucky maggots feed beneath the very depths of the soil to provide nutritional needs to the sweet fruit lended to the light. And that’s why Jesus had to go deep down into the roots of hell to make an ascension of liberation meaningful. That’s why he needed the journey of the cross (the burden) to make the end of the summit (Golgotha/Calvary) worthy of attainment. It would have been meaningless if it was only about a world of glory without gory and pain. It’s the same for some of our forefathers who had to toil in prisons of the oppressor for independence to cease been only but a wish. We will get there (hopefully)! But if we don’t, there’s still a lesson at the gasp of our last breath on how life isn’t as easy as dogma often makes it seem.

Nevertheless, this like any good intention can be perverted, perverted to suit one’s will to power. And so my friends, although the aim to enjoy celestial pussy might cause one to detonate bombs due to such same archetypal depictions, not all depictions of truth should be elevated in an open pluralistic world of love, a world where we see the other in us. We should be able to have conversations, interactions on the very taboos lest we nurse ideas in the private sphere that might be detrimental to all and sundry. This is why we need free speech. For in a supposedly free world, you stand the chance of being bombed into oblivion for a doctrine you never subscribed to. We all have a thing to learn from another, we are similar in that way. We never know it all till the Grim Reaper calls as life in itself is but a journey for each and every soul to know for themselves in the existentialist sense.

There are opportunities open for you, but you’ll keep knowing till the end. And as your journey isn’t the same as another, never take it upon yourself to be the martyr. Go alone if you deem it best for your journey. Note that, Jesus, although he perceived himself the liberator of all mankind, took the journey on his own. He never asked for any of the help handed over to him by men while on his journey to Calvary. They came in voluntarily. Simon of Cyrene, though compelled by the Romans to Help was never asked to help so long as the man going on his own journey was concerned. Don’t pack up the rest of humanity into the possible ramifications of being wrong as the human condition best depicts fallibility. Don’t detonate the bomb within the public sphere, taking those who never insisted on the journey to begin with. The World of inquiry is big enough for each and everyone of us to know for ourselves! You are on your own because you have a unique identity which only has similar experiences with others but not the exact same one. Let’s learn, unlearn and relearn where our journey deems that necessary.

And if there’s a sermon to give on this bright Sunday my journey has bestowed upon me, it’s that which is above. Shalom!

PS: Metaphorical Insights tapped from Literature. I’m too open for the cloak of fundamentalism.

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