A Meaningful Either-Or

Where there’s sorrow, a woman easily cries and moves on. A man on the contrary, does not (for obvious reasons) which emphasizes the absurd. At a point, he chooses the one true freedom. He is free. With the limited resources given, he puts his existential angst to a better end. No more will he need to deny himself a necessary part of his being. No more will he be faced with a quantum of illusive choices that never really demolishes the base of his problems, the tree of life. He needs to go. He prefers that, than to deal with the tree he never planted. And so, he uses the tree to get off the tree. That’s how absurd life is.

The lady on the other hand, easily turns her gloom into something else. Meaning is seen in anything she finds value in – whatever tends to compensate for the tragedies of her life. It could be God, family, Books 😍, friends, Art (Kumawood, for sure). And so carves out a swing with the same resources to play. She rather plays along than to exit.

In a nutshell, although we are all faced with the problem of life, we choose to deal with it in our own way. We either sign out or face it. Nevertheless, we cannot face it without making it fun and meaningful. I think Nietzsche will give that lady a wild kiss. He’ll easily provide her with his first, the Birth of Tragedy.

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