Fuck you Fools, to the Basic

KNUST empty,
Abandoned ship,
Intellectually thrifty.
Set sail,
To be hijacked by Pirates,
Not close to destination,
Not in the moment’s rate.

Left behind,
Others move,
From island to island.
A smell of smoke,
An annihilator of mauve,
Still moves inland.

Though fire ignited at sea,
Although gone, the ashes left,
Ashes for construction,
Not sufficient enough.
Haunted house with PTSD,
Trauma for those weak enough,
Students and staff alike.

Apparently, the fortress is being guided ,
By military guards – The assumed Highest of all,
As though there’s a thing to protect.
What’s to be protected?
It takes maybe decades to leave this disease in HiStory.
Goodbye, intellectual hub. A welcome to my primal instincts. You are staying alive? BeeJeez
You might as well be dead!

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