the Average Populist Anti-Feminist

They call the whole the part. And I see why they choose to do so. ’Cause it comes off with some comfort. Makes them feel as though they’re handling issues when in fact, all they do is to benefit from the gullibility of the average. Not to be condescending, but you can’t help but see folks all over with mouths wide open to be spoon fed anything. Come to think of it, it’s been easier to simplify it all.

Now the whole of feminism is entirely pathological because some so called “feminists” have given totalitarian statements without paying heed to the problem of context. You are free to note this. You are smart to take note of this. I see you making that point in every serotonin tickle that feeds your need to be recognized. But the moment you conceive of such a pathology, that very moment your sense of worth is amplified by pointing out flaws as such – you have no freedom to live that out. For I do not see a solution to the very problems you’ve noted but a reflection shown by the mirror of holding folks accountable for standards they’ve set themselves upon society. The comfort is cool.

Religious, Traditional and Misogynistic patriarchy (all context-driven) can be sensed in a way. I’ll think I’ve narrowed my target enough – that which is all context driven. How we treat gender issues (even the equality of opportunity) to be a given (at least in Africa) seems to baffle me. The good thing about this whole cosmic joke (if it is) will be that posterity will see it all as far as it leads to their point of existence – and judge for themselves as to whether you truly cared for truth or for some more cummings for the D. That way comfort is only permanent in so far as the senses have been absolved from their work.

Oh, this almost skipped me. I’m much more bound to be squelched into the derogatory “here we go again.” I’m one of those cronies who wants to dig some feminist pussy at all cost huh? You can be better. Not so long ago, about 4 hours back, my ex-lecturer, Vincent de Paul told me – that he heard some wisdom somewhere. I quote; “Every society with elders who are always right will never develop.” To you who easily subscribes to the evasive route of feminist-pussy-eating-name-calling, I’m not assuming you are an elder but I find the end results brewing gradually. I don’t have to be a caricature for you to be right. Have a nice day.

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